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Why Choose Holme Park Day Nursery

Your Choice Is Our Privilege 

Each year we are privileged that parents make the choice to let us share their family.

Your child’s early years are a truly magical time of learning and growth, during which their first experiences begin to form the foundations of their future life and successes.

At Holme Park we create safe, soothing and stimulating environments in which your child can play, discover and develop all of the skills needed to become a confident, positive and well-rounded individual. 

The Ties With Your Home

We know as parents ourselves that there is no more important decision facing modern parents than childcare. Our role is to work in partnership with you, establishing strong ties that connect your child’s home and family life together with our nursery, and ensure that at all times you are fully confident that your child is safe, nurtured and being given the space to learn and grow.

As well as interacting with other children and staff members, at Holme Park your child will receive one-to-one attention from their Key Person - a named staff member who builds a bond with your child, who makes sure that their routines are followed, and can update you with all those special little details of their day.